COLORFUL CAT DECAL 2 Stickers Bogo Car Window Bumper 4x4

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2 Colorful Cat Decals Vinyl Sticker... 
     Sets of 2 Stickers
 Sizes: 3"w x 3.5"h
                                              5.5"w x 6.3"h
    Decals ship in 1 business day...
All Decals And Stickers Come In sets of 2, You get 2 For The Price of 1...
All Decal sets are Shipped using USPS first class mail with a stamp and if you buy three sets or more, you also get a free tracking number... 
     These are High quality Printed and Laminated decals and made to last 5-7 years or more.
 You can apply these stickers to anything with a clean smooth surface which can include vehicle windows, trucks, helmets, cars, laptops, phones, tablets, skateboards, snow boards, motorcycles, mirrors, jars, etc, anything with a smooth clean surface. These Decals go Great on Coffee Cups, but please be sure to hand wash because these decals don't do well with the heat from dishwashers.
     Directions For Application
Temp should be above 55 degrees.
     Clean It: Wash Application area with soap and water.
     Peel It: Carefully remove sticker from backing paper.
     Stick It: carefully Apply to surface making sure there are no wrinkles.
     Enjoy It......
         Thank you for looking.